7 Products To Use Pre-Makeup For Deep Glow

Dec 17, 2018 • McKenzie Toma

7 Products To Use Pre-Makeup For Deep Glow

7 Products To Use Pre-Makeup For Deep Glow

It's Friday night, and we know you're just dying to try that look Rihanna shared on Vogue's YouTube channel, but wait. A good base makes all the difference.

1. Sparrow Oil

Natural, good-for-you, ingredients. Pat with fingers onto damp skin for deep moisture.

2. Facial Brush

Horse hair bristles exfoliate for fresh glow. Use dry, or with any cleanser. 

3. Palm Body Brush

Dry brushing heaven. Always circle toward the heart.

4. Red Clay Halo Mask

Detoxifying clay gets the gunk out! Leave on until you look like a monster, and then rinse with cool water.

5. Hiba Wood Cube Soap

Smells heavenly. Anti-bacterial hiba wood oil cleanses to the core.

6. Wild Boar Hairbrush

Pre-bath brushing is key to redistributing oils to the ends of the hair. Va-va voom.

7. Pumice Stone

In-between pedicures, nothing beats this scrubby little stone. 

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