Clay Buddies: Richard's Five Things

Nov 27, 2018 • McKenzie Toma

Clay Buddies: Richard's Five Things

Clay Buddies: Richard's Five Things

Meet Richard. Richard is our Fulfillment Coordinator. He is always running around and bringing your dishes to and fro whilst keeping them safe and sound until they arrive at your doorstep.

Meet Richard. Richard is our Fulfillment Coordinator. He is always running around and bringing your dishes to and fro whilst keeping them safe and sound until they arrive at your doorstep. He is super friendly and has a very keen eye. If something is missing in an order, Richard's hawk-like senses will immediately repair the problem. He makes everybody's day by posting photos of his newest addition, the cutest little puppy ever, onto his Instagram. I sat down with our shipping superhero to hear about his five favorite objects and his time here at East Fork. 

What do you do for East Fork?

So I recently came on board with East Fork as the new Fulfillment Coordinator, which I reckon is a fancy way of saying I handle all things logistics, shipping, and receiving in the East Fork Pottery world.  Pretty great gig, in that I really have a hands-on experience in bringing all of East Fork's beautiful work directly to their customers front doors - I quite literally have my hands on virtually every piece of pottery that leaves the facility.

My daily activities include picking, packing, and shipping all orders, keeping track of our ever growing inventory, and making sure everyone receives their pottery in a safe, timely manner.

Tell me about the objects you chose.

The Pocket Watches are essentially my 1a and 1b items.  Each belonged to one of my great-grandfathers, and were handed down to me by my mother and father.  They are both in need of some repair, but their simplistic and timeless beauty I suppose is something that I wanted to include to represent my family and past.  The watch from my father's side of the family belonged to my great-grandfather Richard, who - you can probably guess by now - I am named after.

They’re lovely!  Which watch belonged to who?  Anything special about the box holding them?

The arrowhead was found on my family farm by my father while plowing the fields for tobacco planting.  His collection of arrowheads and other artifacts found on our property in Kentucky could fill a small room; I feel this item in particular is representational of my upbringing on the family farm outside Lexington.  Every time I look at it, I am reminded of the simpler days when my sister and I would gallivant through the fields of Kentucky without a care in the world.

That’s a pretty idyllic sounding childhood!  Is it still a working farm in your family?

The dog collar -- as you can imagine belonged to my best friend in the whole world; my first dog, Higgins.  I adopted Higgins in my early twenties, when I didn't really know what it meant to be responsible for another life; and he and I grew from there like two peas in a pod.  He was my constant companion and went EVERYWHERE with me. Sadly, about two years ago we were forced to say goodbye when he became very ill, and his collar sits on my bedside table to this day.  It is an ever present reminder of the love we shared, and also serves as a daily reminder to make everyday special; as we never really know how many we might have left…

Aw, Higgins sounds like the perfect companion.  What’s the story with the little clothespin?

The tiny clothespin -- in its deceivingly small stature, represents my rock, my world, my everything - my loving partner, Kyrie.  Two months after we started dating, I somehow had the audaciousness to ask her to come to Kentucky with me as my date to a friends wedding.  We knew so little about each other, and could have never imagined where our love would take us over the next few years; but something about a woman who was brave enough to drive four and half hours to meet the parents of a man she had virtually just met, was both exciting, and crazy to me.  At the wedding, the happy couple had used these pins to hold up pictures and such for display. Kyrie and I devised a game in which we collected them all, and tried to pin them (unknowingly) on all the guests clothes! Each pin was worth a certain amount of points, and the silver colored ones (like the one in the picture) were worth extra.  It was in this fit and frenzy of pins and laughter throughout the evening that I realized she and I were brought together for a reason. We've been pinning them on unsuspecting wedding guests ever since. Haha!

I love that story!  I’m glad you were able to carry on the tradition.  How about the ticket stub?

The concert ticket stub -- is the ticket leftover from a concert I went to in 2004 with my lifelong best friend.  On a whim, as bright eyed sixteen year olds, we told each of our mothers we were spending the night at the other's house, and drove my car an hour north to Cincinnati to see a band with a funny name; Umphrey's McGee.  We had heard of them, but never seen them live. Nor did we know at the time that their music would be such a pivotal part of each of our lives. Since that night in 2004, I have seen Umphrey's around 80-ish times, and traveled many miles to share in that experience again.  Each show, unique in its own way; and this really represents a part of life that has brought me so much growth, knowledge, and friendship, that it simply HAD to be included. If you haven't heard of them, give 'em a listen! You won't regret it ;)

I had some friends in college who were into them!  And 80 shows is no joke - my sister went through a similar obsession with Phish.  I think there’s probably some overlap between those two fandoms!

Thanks, Richard. We love you!


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