Seconds Sale FAQ

Nov 24, 2019 • Savannah Devore

Seconds Sale FAQ

Seconds Sale FAQ

All you need to know to get ready for our big online Seconds Sale.
If you’ve tried to snag pots in our online Seconds Sales in the past, you might associate the moment with tears, frustration, disappointment, and regret. We sell out in 2 minutes and 98% of people who come to the website leave empty-handed. It hurts us! We’re a big lot of Hufflepuffs over here! People pleasers! So many Libras! But this year we have 30x more seconds going online than last year! Here's what you need to know to prepare for the big day. 

Monday, November 25th at noon Eastern Time
30% off Seconds
What's a Second? Learn more here. 


A gridded image showing different examples of "second quality" pottery , from dings to overly large iron flecks.

Forms & Glazes


Will there be mugs?
Yes! However, mugs are one of our most popular items, so expect them to sell out quickly!

What colors will there be?
Eggshell, Soapstone, Morel, Big Sky, Celery, and Pollen. No other colors will be included.

Will there be other drinking vessels?
We will have mugs, a very small amount of Juice Cups, and candle bodies, which are actually mugs without handles!

Will there be big bowls?
There will be limited amounts of Mixing Bowls, Weeknight Serving Bowls, and Popcorn Bowls. We will have higher amounts of the small bowls.

Are these pieces safe to use?
Yes! Seconds have minor cosmetic imperfections that do not diminish the functionality of our pottery.

Payment and Checkout

Can I use a gift card?
You bet!


Can I also buy firsts and seconds during this time?
Absolutely. We recommend building your cart with firsts before the sale begins, so you can check out quickly!

If I add items to my cart, does it mean they're mine?
No, putting items in your cart DOES NOT hold the item for you. Items are only yours after you pay for them! This is very important.
We can't use a reserve cart function on our site because our e-comm platform does not offer that function anymore! Research shows that reserve cart functions are actually way worse for customers—so many people put their info in at checkout and end up abandoning their carts, making inventory unavailable for other customers. 

Can I purchase sets during the Seconds Sale?
No. All seconds will be sold individually.

Can I purchase over the phone?
No. We do not offer phone orders or holds during Seconds Sales.

How fast will you sell out?
Items that are higher in-demand will sell out the quickest, such as mugs, big bowls, and seasonal glazes. However, y'all are always surprising us, so we just don't know when we will sell out!

Can I use my registry credit during the sale?

Will I be able to use an additional coupon code or other discounts?
No, coupons and discount codes are disabled for the Seconds Sale.


How long will my order take to ship?
It will take 5-10 days to process and ship out your order, and depending on where you live, expect 2-5 days for your package to deliver once you receive tracking info!

Am I able to pick up my seconds at one of the East Fork retail locations?
No. We are unable to accommodate in-store pickups for way too many logistical reasons to count.

How much will shipping cost?
For domestic shipping, we offer a tiered price system:

  • $0-49.99: $10 
  • $50-149.99: $15
  • $150-399.99: $25
  • $400-999.99: $45
  • $1,000+: $65

**If you are in Alaska or Hawaii, shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Do you ship internationally?
We do! International shipping is calculated based on current UPS and USPS rates. Duties and taxes are not included in international shipping fees. You will be able to see the taxes and duties at checkout, but that cost will not be included. These charges are accurately estimated based on the value of items purchased. You will still have to pay them in order to release the items from customs!

Do you have expedited shipping?
We, unfortunately, aren't able to accommodate requests for expedited shipping. The steep environmental cost of quicker shipping is something that we actively choose not to participate in, which is why we only offer Ground Shipping at checkout. We hope you'll understand the choice to lessen our carbon footprint!

Any other questions? Please email!

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  • Abby Novak

    Hi, I am wondering if there is only one second sale a year? I missed the November 2019 one! I actually just found out about you guys, and have been faithfully trying to get my free pot every Thursday :)
    Abby in Wyoming

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