The Thought That Counts

Jun 22, 2018 • Alex Matisse

The Thought That Counts

The Thought That Counts

Sadly, budgets are real, but we pretended they aren't for just a moment and discovered it's a great way to get inspired when you're stuck in a gift-planning rut.

Wouldn't holiday shopping be extra fun if we could give our favorite people all the things we think they might love?  Sadly, budgets are real, but we pretended they aren't for just a moment and discovered it's a great way to get inspired when you're stuck in a gift-planning rut.  Below are the results of our gift buying daydreams, put together with some of our favorite objects in the store and designed to inspire.


One of the hardest people to shop for is the stylish one who has everything, especially when "everything" includes uber-discerning taste.  Our solution?  A bunch of small pretty objects they’ve never heard of that will sprinkle new moments of delight over all areas of their daily life - an unexpected fragrance before heading to work; a horsehair tassel swinging from their keys as they lock the door; a subtle nude on a single earring to catch when they pass by a mirror; a sprig of bunnytail grass, a fancy brass pen, and a little bud vase to keep on their desk; a luxurious facial oil and horn comb for unwinding once they get home.  Sometimes to please your pickiest loved ones, you’ve gotta go the quality and quantity route.



We all know someone with that one kitchen cabinet that, when opened, launches forth a cascade of tea boxes - many of which haven’t been opened in quite a while.  We’re big proponents of a more scaled back approach to tea collecting: one bright and uplifting green, one mellow yet complex black, and something spicy or herbal (or both).  Box these up with a gorgeous glass and wood canister, the sweetest little brass sugar spoon, a sturdy personal teapot, and a mug that makes all hot beverages taste better (Okay, we’re biased.  But it’s true.) to show your dearest tea-addict the value in elevating their favorite daily ritual.


Soon-to-be parents can be tricky.  Do floods of tiny clothes to keep in storage for the time being help ease pre-baby worries or add to the stress?  It’s hard to know, so we prefer a different approach: thoughtful objects made with little ones in mind that not-quite-yet-parents will love using in the time being.  A mini rolling pin works just as well for rolling out dough for a batch of galettes; a small bowl works just as well for yogurt and granola as it does for catching keys and loose change; a brass spork is the perfect utensil for desk-lunches; a mini illustrated book adds a spot of color to any coffee table.  A luxe bath add-in and a timeless little bud vase tell your pregnant pals you know they’re still people with needs beyond baby clothes.


Our dream gift for new homeowners and buddies who finally found their own one-bedroom, but who still need a little help with the whole not-relying-on-that-one-skillet-they-stole-from-their-dorm-kitchen-in-2007 thing.  A gorgeous yet accessible staple cookbook, a hand turned maple rolling pin, and a modern enameled cast iron pan are key tools for a kitchen that feels like home.  Give them some help impressing future guests with pretty horn salad servers, a handful of soft linen napkins, a hand-turned wood serving bowl, and a little sampling of East Fork pottery.

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