2020 Fall Preview

Jul 28, 2020 • Lindsey Zinno

As we prepare for the last offering of Soapstone and Lapis (Thursday, July 30th), we wanted to provide a bit of clarity on what's to come this year. We have a handful of really exciting launches coming, but one I can really talk about are the two new glazes coming in early fall: Amaro, a stately, burnt terra cotta, and Panna Cotta, a warm, tan-toned, off-white.


These glazes will be released along with our staples Eggshell and Morel for pre-order—official date TBD. Why am I showing you? Because we love a good sneak peek moment, yes, but mainly so you can plan your set-building accordingly on how these two new glazes look with Lapis and Soapstone.

We initially planned Amaro and Panna Cotta as an extension of our 'core' collection to offer along with Morel and Eggshell year-round, but I'm here to put in writing that 'core' and 'year-round' is just too scary of a term these days. We disappoint time and time again when we phase a glaze out, so we're trying hard to not make promises we can't keep. But here's to say, these two new glazes will be available more than once (I promise!). We hope you love Amaro and Panna Cotta as much as we do—our biggest determiner of keeping a glaze around.

Panna Cotta & Amaro with other glazes...

Lapis, Panna Cotta, Soapstone

Lapis, Panna Cotta, Celery

Lapis, Panna Cotta, Big Sky

Lapis, Utah, Amaro

Malt, Amaro, Lapis

Amaro, Utah, Soapstone

Eggshell & Panna Cotta

Malt, Panna Cotta, Eggshell

Prune, Panna Cotta, Lapis

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Comments (4)

  • Consuela

    I can not wait for both color! I think I’ll have to by every piece in Amaro!

  • Erin Anderson

    The Panna Cotta is beautiful! And its description only increased my love of the color. Can’t wait to purchase in September. Love from Oregon!

  • Virginia Dunnigan

    Will Big Sky ever be brought back?
    That is one of my favorite colors.

    Thank you.


  • Cat Roth

    I am so excited for the new releases! It will be great to have more warm-toned colors. Amaro looks good enough to eat.. maybe because it reminds me of Mexican hot chocolate?

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