Feb 19, 2020 • Savannah Devore

Every glaze ever!

Every glaze ever!

In a perfect world, we could bring back every retired glaze we’ve ever made to make sure each and every one of you gets exactly what you want in your cupboards. Sadly, it’s logistically impossible.

However! We’re delighted to announce the launch of @eastforkflea, an Instagram account where you can buy, sell, and trade retired East Fork pieces. A colorful wonderland for newcomers and fanatics alike.

How it works:

Selling a pot on East Fork Flea:

To submit, complete the questions below with as much information as possible and email it to care@eastfork.com with "EF Flea Submission" in the subject. We may reach out to collect more information, when necessary. New posts are published at random—we recommend receiving post notifications for @eastforkflea.

  • What are you posting? Include form and glaze color.

  • What is the pot’s condition? (No broken pots, please!)

  • Is this from a Seconds Sale?

  • Are you selling or trading?

  • What price would you like to list the item for? If trading, what are you in the market for?

  • Do you want to charge shipping? If so, name a shipping cost. Please take insuring the package into consideration!

  • What is your Instagram handle? This is where you will receive notification that someone wants to purchase your item.

  • Let’s see some photos! Please include a picture of the food surface side as well as the back with a stamp visible. If there is variation on a bowl or vessel, please show multiple angles. If there is any sign of use or blemishes, please include a detailed photo that accurately depicts the condition. (2+ images)

How to Price Your Pot:

Some questions to consider… Is it vintage? Is it wheel-thrown? Is it a seasonal or retired glaze? Can it be found on our website at this moment?

  • Items that can be currently found on our website (i.e. current forms and/or glazes) should be priced below retail value. For example, a Mug in Eggshell should not be priced over $36.

  • Vintage East Fork (Jars, Vases, Cappuccino Cup and Saucer, Honey Pots, etc.) can be priced higher than what you purchased them for as collector items.

  • We’re more than happy to help you price an item if you’re unsure! Send an email to savannah.devore@eastfork.com with the subject “East Fork Flea Pricing.”

  • Don’t forget shipping! Use the graphic below as a suggestion guide for how to assign a shipping cost to your post.

  • When payment is captured, please comment “Sold” on the post!

Photographing your pot:

We require 2+ images for every post. This should include:

  • The food surface of the pot

  • The bottom of the pot with stamp visible

  • Any signs of use/variation documented

Buying a pot on East Fork Flea:

  • Leave your zip code in the comment section and tag the Seller. The first zip code in the comments claims the item!

  • The Buyer (aka first person to comment their zip code, aka “the winner!”) will then DM the Seller to confirm the sale and send their PayPal email address.

  • If the Buyer leaves a zip code but has a question about the item that hasn’t been specified, the question will be honored and the Seller must respond within a couple of hours. The Buyer must reply to the Seller within 3 hours or the Seller has the right to move on to backups (additional commenters on the post).

  • The Seller will then send the Buyer a PayPal invoice via the Goods and Services Option. This allows Buyers to be protected through PayPal’s insurance if there are any hiccups along the way, in order to complete the transaction.

Please don’t claim an item unless you intend to purchase it—buyers who don’t follow through have the potential to be removed from this account. All sales are final. Do not purchase an item with intent to resell or re-trade it. If a buyer continues to “ghost” a seller, or comments with no intention of purchasing, East Fork reserves the right to block the buyer’s IG account.

A note about the structure of @eastforkflea—we’re so happy that you’re following along with us for this *very new and learning* bst experience! We’ve received a few very helpful suggestions about other ways to format how we’ve structured this account so far and want to thank everyone for their input and for introducing us to a couple new ideas. For now, we’ve made the decision to stick with what we’re currently doing (first comment wins) as a way to simplify the process for the person running this account as well as people trying to sell. That being said, if you’re selling and you WOULD LIKE TO HOLD A DRAWING we’re more than happy to accommodate—just let us know when you submit. As an added bonus, any future posts from the East Fork Factory archive will also be formatted as a 24hr drawing. Thank you!


Have some Thistle pots, but you have major FOMO because you missed out on Taro? Consider posting for trade! You can use the same questions as sellers (listed above)—there is a question for you to indicate your desire to trade, as well as one that asks what you’re hoping to trade for.


Sellers need to ship their items to Buyers within three business days and all Sellers must send tracking information to Buyers once shipped.

How to Pack Pots:

A good rule of thumb is to keep adding packing materials until you don’t hear any more rustling around in the box. We recommend packing with a layer of cushion on the top and bottom of the package, with pottery wrapped in the middle. If you’re sending multiple items, they should always be separated by packing materials when stacked.

The biggest question we asked ourselves when dreaming up an EF buy/sell/trade account: what happens if it breaks?!

We’re gonna cross our fingers that this doesn’t happen, but there are some ways to protect yourself as a Buyer or Seller.

Buyers: Make sure that you pay for your item via PayPal’s “Goods and Services” option—this protects sellers from reports of unauthorized transactions or items not received.

    Sellers: We also highly recommend shipping packages with insurance so that you can file a claim if something breaks—factor in this cost when you name a price for shipping.

      Please note: East Fork is not responsible for pottery broken during shipment. That being said, if you have any questions pertaining to shipping these breakable objects, we’re more than happy to help!

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