After ten years of making our pots on a wheel, our production team has been working hard to transition our forms into scalable production methods. First came the bowls, then the plates.  The Mug, turns out, has been the hardest to make a lot of. We’ve cast dozens of cylinder and 3D printed dozens of handles, sipped coffee from hundreds of samples, and thrown thousands of clay into the reclaim buckets.  

After a year of product development, we’ve almost got it, but it still needs some tweaking. As you read this, we’re reworking the handle a bit—changing the negative space to be a bit more ear shaped and lowering the top handle attachment a smidge. The body will be a hair shorter and two hairs wider. It’s wild how 2mm here or there can change how your hand experiences an object. But we have 100 or so left of these almost right mugs looking for a happy home.

We can’t wait to show you The Mug 2.0 very soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this 12 oz capacity cup of East Fork history.



Options are endless when it comes to the perfect snack, as evidenced by the children of East Fork.  This week we asked all the kids what their go-to is for when they get a little hungry before dinner. Keep reading:

Savannah + Barrett

Fave snack: Breastmilk mornin', noon, and night. 

Jeff + Jean

Fave snack: Ground beef

Zoe, Matt + Autry

Fave snack: Homemade raisins and a mid rare filet

Nicole, Asher + Isla

Asher's fave snack: Anchovies, smoked salmon (a.k.a. "fish style"), sushi, squid, or crab

Isla's fave snack: Yogurt squeezers and peanut butter

Connie, Lui + Vita

Vita's Fave Snack: Salmon sashimi and cake

Lui's Fave Snack: Berries and salted nuts in tiny bowls and steamed whole milk with vanilla and cinnamon.