This week in Mother Mag, East Fork Chief Creative Officer and co-founder Connie Matisse talks motherhood, humanhood, style and more. Here's a bit:


Vita and Pajamas

Mother Mag: What's the best advice you ever got on how to parent?

Connie: I think that no matter how many books we read or motherhood groups we sit in, we’re all gonna end up doing what comes naturally to us. If you read a book and you vibe with it on a philosophical level, but when it comes around to putting it into practice it just doesn’t feel right, you’re gonna feel like a phony. There are a million good ways to be a parent, but none of them involve doing something that doesn’t come naturally to you. If you feel like you’re faking it, chances are your kid’s gonna notice. Don’t try to be another mother. Mother your children the best way you know how.



Mother Mag: What advice would you give to a woman about to have her first child? 

Connie: Open your heart wide open to the wild, wild world. Throw all your expectations out the window. Take the opportunity to stop giving a shit about what other people think of you or the choices you make for your body and your baby and your family (so long as none of your choices are hurting others, of course!).


Mother Mag: Do you have role models for mothering?

Connie: I’ll forever be learning from my own flawed but ferociously loving mother and grandmother. I try not to make role models of strangers—it’s like trying to learn from a book by only reading the introduction.

Contur Vase and Mug

Mother Mag: Tell us about what you do professionally.

Connie: I’m the Chief Creative Officer at East Fork. My husband started the business back in 2009, just after I moved in with him. Back then he made traditional North Carolina craft pottery and we sold it at craft shows and 'Kiln Sales.' Over the years we’ve pivoted into a 'lifestyle brand,' as they call it, and make a line of contemporary ceramic dinnerware. There are thirty of us now and we’ll be sixty by next year. I oversee our Creative-Marketing team and our Customer Care Team. I choose our seasonal glaze colors and work with our Production Manager to develop new forms for the line. I style our photoshoots, run our social media, write our newsletters, merchandize our website, strategize brand partnerships, and do a whole lot of managing of (excellent) humans. I had no idea how much time that would take before getting myself into this!"

Connie and the Girls at East Fork Asheville



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