Hello! We have just a few Seconds left for you.  Please enjoy these not-quite-right but still gorgeous Dinner Plates in Night Swim and Mugs in Prune at 30% off. 

These pots might take a long time to get to you.  Maybe 2 weeks, maybe a month. In this constantly changing landscape, it is highly likely that our fulfillment team will have to close up shop and go home for a bit.  The same goes for USPS and UPS.  We're trusting you will be understanding and patient, not just with us, but with yourself and your neighbors.  We're trusting you to trust us that we will get your pots to you as soon as we're safely able to.  You're going to use and love these pieces for a lifetime—in all the ups and downs still to come. We hope you'll find they're worth waiting to receive.