They always look great, they’ve got stories for days, and charm for miles. You’re always asking them, “Where did you get those dynamite earrings?” And, “What’s your secret for lookin’ too damn good after that 7 hour flight?” To which they reply, “A flea market in Mykonos!” And, “Korean snail slime eye masks!” Maybe this babe is your partner, or your ultra cool grandma, or your Instagram famous niece. They bop all over the place and ooze good taste. They know what’s up, what’s hot, and where to make that dinner res in L.E.S . Perhaps one of the hardest to buy for, but fear not! East Fork is cool. Fluid Earring are chic as hell and simple enough to please a persnickety it girl. Plus, they happily rest in a bitty bowl on their nightstand between functions. Also, this Kimono Robe and Liliput wave brass pen will be welcomed travel companions as they lounge in some remote corner of the world and journal away.