Gifts for the home-lover. A treasure trove of all things hearth-y and warm for the big-hearted home body.


Sweet and big hearts, only please. Gifts for the person who gives the best hugs and is always trying to feed you.


Sturdy White Oak Cutting Board with a deep ebonized finish brings welcomed tears of joy whilst chopping onions. Plus, this Casserole Pot as deep as their love feeds the whole fam. 

Maybe a Handwoven Tea Towel isn't quite as tight-knit as you are with this mama bear, but it is 100% cotton and super soft, like their smile. 


Horn Servers
for whatever scrumptious, buttery holiday sides they are bound to cook up, and a classic deep Cereal Bowl to eat it from. 

Finish off with this lovely little Egg Vase for all the sweet smelling nosegays they deserve. Big love.