Gifts for the cool-lover. Stylish, well-traveled, and painfully tasteful, they probably already have everything. Everything except these posh adornments from around the world.


For the fledgling baker who binged one too many seasons of Great British Baking Show and now wants to make the perfect loaf of challah their life’s work. 

First, the essentials: a walnut rolling pin for uniform cookies, a big ole' maplewood bowl to nest their dough in while it's rising, and the crumb duster of their dreams to sweep it all away come clean-up time.



If they're really into savory loafs, the bitty bowl offer easy prep for spices and herbs, and the bread and butter plate is the perfect landing pad for that thick slice of sourdough they've spent weeks on.

Prove that you love them and their dough habit. Never has there ever been a better hobby to invest in if you like eating pastries– trust.