We develop and mix our glazes in-house and work really hard to make colors you’ll want to live with for a long, long time.  Our Core Collection of glaze colors is available year-round. If you’re planning on building a full set over time, we recommend starting with the Core Collection and adding Seasonals as accent pieces - but if you know you want a full set of purple pottery, go for it!

Seasonal Colors are offered twice a year on a limited-edition basis. They’re around only for 4-5 months, so if you see a color you love, snatch it while you can.

Core Collection


An off-white with iron speckles and blue-grey undertones. 

Dinner Plate in EggshellPlays well with: Pretty much everything! 
Avoid with: If you have a full set of bright-white, standard porcelain dishware, Eggshell's gonna look extra blue and maybe a little funny


A real chameleon! A goes-with-everything, satin-feeling, blue-gray that looks a little different in every light.

Dinner Plate in SoapstonePlays well with: Morel, Taro, Wine Dark Sea,
Avoid with: Soapstone’s not going to clash with much, but do note that it’s going to look a little more blue or a little more gray depending on what it’s next to and what the light’s like.


The glaze that ties it all together.  A warm, woodsy neutral that helps bridge the gap between more saturated color and the other neutrals.

Dinner Plate in MorelPlays well with: literally everything
Avoid with: literally nothing

Fall/Winter 2019 Seasonal

Night Swim

An East Fork Pottery Dinner plate in Night Swim, and inky dark teal.
Plays well with: Eggshell, Morel, Celery
Avoid with: Nothing! 

Spring/Summer 2019 Seasonals


A true yellow. Saturated and warm, but bright like a clear, strong sun. It's a seasonal glaze inspired by Summer, and brings a radiant dose of joy to the table.

The Dinner Plate in Pollen

Plays well with: Taro, Malibu, Eggshell, Celery, Big Sky, Poinsettia.
Avoid with: Weirdly, it looks good with everything. Pollen, Utah and Morel is a winning combo.



Current color crush.  A chartreuse-y, vegetal, very of-the-moment green with yellow undertones.

The Side Plate in Celery

Plays well with: Morel (duh), Taro, Molasses, Utah
Avoid with: Not quite contrasty enough to put next to Yuzu.  Soapstone and Celery is fine, but kinda lackluster.  Celery and Poinsettia is a STATEMENT that we're here for, but do know that it's gonna be delightfully clashy.

Big Sky

A bright, luminous periwinkle blue that gives a big, cheery nod to cloudless summer skies.


Plays well with: Eggshell, Morel, Celery, Utah, Blue Ridge, Taro, Yuzu
Avoid With: Soapstone (really truly—it looks terrible with Soapstone), In the Pines, Harvest Moon


Officially Retired


Few places stick out in our collective-color memory more than the warm-red glow cast by the canyons of Arches, Bryce, and Moab.  This glaze is our love-song to the Southwest.

Dinner Plate in Utah

Plays well with: Morel, Taro, Soapstone, Blue Ridge
Avoid with: Ember, Thistle, Wine Dark Sea, Harvest Moon


Every once in a while we skip the glaze entirely and let the raw, iron-rich realness of our minimally-processed Southeastern clay shine through.  We refer to our unglazed pots as Mars or Raw. For forms like bowls and plates, it makes a lot more sense to glaze them on all sides so that they're completely vitrified.  Being thoroughly vitrified means they're more durable and more food-safe.  But some things lend themselves quite nicely to an unglazed surface, like our Incense Burner, available exclusively in Mars.

Side Plate in Mars

Plays well with: Everything!
Avoid with: Nothing!


We all loved you while you lasted, Malibu.

Side Plate in Malibu
Plays well with: Utah, Taro, Morel, Eggshell
Avoid with: Ember, Harvest Moon, In the Pines, Soapstone

Blue Ridge

We'll miss this ode to the mountains that surround us.

Side Plate in Blue Ridge

Plays well with: Morel, Soapstone, Eggshell, Thistle, Ember
Avoid with: Yuzu


East Fork’s rendition of millennial pink. A dusty rose with creamy, brown undertones that reads like a neutral when paired with creams, browns, and white.

Side Plate in ThistlePlays well with: Morel, Eggshell, Blue Ridge, In the Pines
Avoid with: Thistle kinda lands right between Taro and Utah and can be hard to discern the difference in bright, overhead light; you might be into that, you might not!



Purple is trending, have you heard? Consider Taro the gateway purple: fresh and “now” but toned down to give it some serious staying power. 

Side Plate in Taro


A homage to our favorite creamy soda shop treat. This warm, toasty neutral goes with everything.

Plays well with: Almost everything! 
Avoid with: Malt might look a little funny alongside the cooler undertones in Eggshell 


A luxe, moody deep brown with a luxurious sheen. Molasses serves as a dramatic backdrop for anything placed atop it. 

Plays well with: Soapstone, Utah, Taro, Thistle - a perfect counterpart to lighter colors.