We develop and mix our glazes in-house and work really hard to make colors you’ll want to live with for a long, long time.  Our Core Collection of glaze colors is available year-round. If you’re planning on building a full set over time, we recommend starting with the Core Collection and adding Seasonals as accent pieces - but if you know you want a full set of purple pottery, go for it!

Seasonal Colors are offered twice a year on a limited-edition basis. They’re around only for 4-5 months, so if you see a color you love, snatch it while you can.

Core Collection


An off-white with iron speckles and blue-grey undertones. 

Side Plate in Eggshell
Plays well with: Pretty much everything! 
Avoid with: If you have a full set of bright-white, standard porcelain dishware, Eggshell's gonna look extra blue and maybe a little funny


A real chameleon! A goes-with-everything, satin-feeling, blue-gray that looks a little different in every light.

Side Plate in Soapstone
Plays well with: Morel, Taro, Wine Dark Sea,
Avoid with: Soapstone’s not going to clash with much, but do note that it’s going to look a little more blue or a little more gray depending on what it’s next to and what the light’s like.


The glaze that ties it all together.  A warm, woodsy neutral that helps bridge the gap between more saturated color and the other neutrals.

Side Plate in Morel
Plays well with: literally everything
Avoid with: literally nothing


Few places stick out in our collective-color memory more than the warm-red glow cast by the canyons of Arches, Bryce, and Moab.  This glaze is our love-song to the Southwest.

Side Plate in Utah

Plays well with: Morel, Taro, Soapstone, Blue Ridge
Avoid with: Ember, Thistle, Wine Dark Sea, Harvest Moon


Our raw, unglazed surface.  Exclusively available on drinking vessels (Tumblers, Mugs, Espresso Cups), vases, and the Bitty Bowl. Cups and Vases in Mars are lined with our Eggshell glaze. 

Side Plate in Mars

Just a few pots left in...


Purple is trending, have you heard? Consider Taro the gateway purple: fresh and “now” but toned down to give it some serious staying power.  Try it on a mug: you had no idea you loved purple ‘til now.

Side Plate in Taro

Plays well with: Soapstone, Eggshell, Morel, Utah, Yuzu
Avoid with: Ember, Wine Dark Sea

Fall/Winter Seasonals


A homage to our favorite creamy soda shop treat. This warm, toasty neutral goes with everything.

Plays well with: Almost everything! 
Avoid with: Malt might look a little funny alongside the cooler undertones in Eggshell 


A luxe, moody deep brown with a luxurious sheen. Molasses serves as a dramatic backdrop for anything placed atop it. 

Plays well with: Soapstone, Utah, Taro, Thistle - a perfect counterpart to lighter colors. 
Avoid with: Wine Dark Sea, Morel

Officially Retired


We all loved you while you lasted, Malibu.

Side Plate in Malibu
Plays well with: Utah, Taro, Morel, Eggshell
Avoid with: Ember, Harvest Moon, In the Pines, Soapstone

Blue Ridge

Just a few more weeks to get your hands on East Fork’s Blue Ridge glaze; an ode to the mountains around us.

Side Plate in Blue Ridge

Plays well with: Morel, Soapstone, Eggshell, Thistle, Ember
Avoid with: Yuzu


Just a few more weeks left to get your hands on East Fork’s rendition of millennial pink. A dusty rose with creamy, brown undertones that reads like a neutral when paired with creams, browns, and white.

Side Plate in ThistlePlays well with: Morel, Eggshell, Blue Ridge, In the Pines
Avoid with: Thistle kinda lands right between Taro and Utah and can be hard to discern the difference in bright, overhead light; you might be into that, you might not!