Unless otherwise noted, pottery and other objects ordered from our website is on the shelf, ready to roll.  We try our very best to get all orders out the door in 1-3 business days. You’ll receive a tracking number after placing your order, but if you’d like to know (approximately) when your package might arrive before biting the bullet, send an email to

More questions about shipping? Hopefully we have an answer for you…

How do you package your breakable items for shipment?

Screw bubble wrap! We ship everything, including large orders, with Geami. We use FillPak in the bottom and tops of the boxes as well.  The paper used in Geami an FillPak are either Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified or made using recycled content. Geami is biodegradable and 100% recyclable through your community’s recycling program. Our breakage is quite low (though, of course, sometimes pottery breaks in transit if it was given an extra bumpy ride); we did not see any increase with the switch to Geami. 

I want to place an order online and pick it up in the store; can you waive the cost of shipping?

We aren’t offering a “pick up” option on our site anymore. Most of what we offer online (and more!) is also available in our brick and mortar store, so we want to direct that traffic appropriately. If you have questions about a specific piece being in stock, feel free to give our store a call at (828) 575-2150.

Your shipping charges seem high. How do you calculate shipping cost?

Believe me, we wish pottery was easier to ship! But we want to make sure your pots arrive intact, so we have to use large boxes, which gets pricey.  All the items in our online store have a weight attached to them and all those individual weights are added up at checkout to product your total shipping cost. 

I live outside of the US and want to purchase your pottery, but the shipping rate costs more than the actual dish! Can you lower the price?

We completely understand! Given the weight of most of our objects and the precautions that we take with our packing materials to prevent breakages, our web system's estimate for shipping is fairly accurate when it comes to shipping charges. That being said, if you could send us your full shipping address, we’d be happy to check in with our Fulfillment Coordinator to get a precise shipping quote for you.