Handblown Rocks Glass



  • Available in Amber and our seasonal color Tequila Sunrise - two colors that feel both playful and sophisticated 
  • Hand-blown by Hayden Wilson in Asheville, North Carolina, exclusively for East Fork
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Holds approximately 6 ounces

These hand-blown rocks glasses make us wanna stir up a G&T, slip into a linen sun dress, and lounge barefoot in a hammock on the porch—no matter what time of day. 

Meet Who Makes It

How our Rocks Glasses are made.

Hayden Wilson

"As the bits of residual glass cool, they shatter off the blowpipes and thus the pipes are ready for the next round of production. Hayden warned us not to look down into the water because “there’s glass shattering and flying around down there,” and all throughout our visit there were ambient sounds of just that. Glass blowing is wild."


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