East Fork Bandana by Everybody World

$19.00 $24.00


  • A bandana about pottery—bet you don’t have one in your collection (yet)
  • Designed by our art director, Nicole Lissenden, who is also our model here!
  • Made of recycled cotton that’s woven, dyed and sewn by hand 
  • Keep the Amaro off the Panna Cotta ink by washing on gentle cycle or by hand before first wearing. Cold water, please.


  • 24” x 24”


Some may stock up for holiday gifts for the East Fork super fans. Some may frame it for that one wall in the kitchen that’s needed something for so long. Some will make it their signature accessory. To make this special piece, we chose Everybody World, a Los Angeles company dedicated to fair wages, pushing boundaries in textile sustainability and collaborating with artists. If you really like this one, this could be the start of a bandana series.