Better Baking Bundle

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  • The gift of baking inspiration, for you or someone you love, who ideally will share the goods with you.
  • Included here: an East Fork Mixing Bowl in our glorious seasonal glaze Harvest Moon, a copy of Jennifer Lapidus’s Southern Ground and two pounds of Carolina Ground All-Purpose Flour (milled right here in Asheville by Jennifer and her team) 
  • Buying these items together saves 10% off the cost of buying each item separately.

When it comes to stone-milled, regionally grown flour and baking bread in a wood-fired oven here in Western North Carolina, all roads lead to Jennifer Lapidus. Here you’ll find recipes written by Jennifer and by the craft bakers she’s come to know over the years, and also, the story, both personal and communal, of the regional grains movement in our part of the world. Choose a recipe that calls for all-purpose flour—two pounds from Carolina Ground is included here—and grab your Mixing Bowl. It’s enough to make you bake every weekend (and maybe some weeknights?) for the foreseeable future. Keep that Mixing Bowl handy, baby.