Breakfast Bowl in Orchard



This pot is part of our exclusive collection made in collaboration with Momofuku.

  • Breakfast is just the beginning.
  • Use for: yogurt and granola, fresh fruit, hummus, sorbet but also, miso soup when the rest of dinner is coming, sauce for dumpling dipping 
  • 5.4" W x 1.8" H, 11 oz
  • Holds 1 1/4 cups or 10 oz
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Our pottery is made by humans! Differences in glaze applications and surfaces can be embraced.

Orchard and Peachy Keen are ready to ship and will arrive before December 25th. Pre-order pottery is made to order and ships within 8 weeks.


Size Chart

A mini version of our Everyday Bowl but mini, with a name you shouldn’t take literally. Sure, it’s perfect for yogurt and granola in the morning, but also, olives or dips (Gado Gado?) on a party tray, an appetizer serving of soup, or a way to make eating a snack bag of Cheetos feel elegant. Also, with its footer base, it scores high with children.

We collaborated on Orchard, this limited-edition glaze with Momofuku, the revered restaurant group that’s been setting new standards and making headlines since 2004. It’s a verdant green like the leaves of a peach tree as a summer afternoon crosses slowly to evening. Did you know Momofuku can translate to “lucky peach”?