Carving Board


  • Beautiful carving board with slight recesses for clean slicing and breaking down meats.
  • White Oak
  • Made in Asheville by Andy McPhate
  • 12" x 16" x 1.25" 

Give that piping hot, golden skinned, perfectly seasoned bird its proper post-roast rest on this gorgeous white oak carving board. Carved with a slight recess so that juices stay on it, not on your counter top. Clean it and leave it as kitchen decor on your counter long after the party's over and dishes have been washed, it's a stunner.

Meet Who Makes It

Learn the process of making cutting boards by Andy McFate

Andy McFate

"We're exploring Andy’s woodworking studio today, and it smells like heaven. If you’ve ever pressed your face against cedar wood and deeply inhaled, it’s like that—except the whole place smells that good so you don’t have to walk around holding a piece of wood to your face to get the effect."


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