Cedar Orb Vase


  • We’re sorry we’re not making vases right now—but isn’t this one sweet?
  • A Red Cedar bud vase for holding one or two  little stems
  • Made by Fuqugi in Kirishima City, Japan
  • Yes, it’s functional! There’s a little glass tube insert to put your water and stems
  • 3.15in x 3.15in

Fuqugi—the woodworking workshop responsible for this little cutie—is named for the fukugi tree, an evergreen tree native to the Philippines regarded for its strength and resilience in the face of wind, rain, sea, and salt.  A stark contrast to the function of this bud vase, which, when holding a delicate, fleeting bloom, calls attention to time passing, things changing, birth, death, rebirth, seasons coming and going, sorrow when it’s gone, joy knowing it’ll be back.