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  • A bundle of essentials for large crowds of cheese scarfing and pickle plucking friends. Charcuterie party, here you come.
  • Bundle includes: 
    Large Ebonized Cutting Board
    6 B&B Plates in Morel
    2 Bitty Bowls in Morel
    Brass Pickle Fork

You grabbed the last four jumbo wheels of Brie at the grocery store, you haven't showered yet, and 15+ people are due to arrive in 30 minutes. The only solution to this problem is a care-free charcuterie board to feed the masses. Plop olives and jam in bitty bowls, throw some capicola, manchego and herby crackers on the board, and stack the B&B plates high. You got this.

The Big Bash charcuterie board.

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