Chili Crunch Trio in Orchard


This bundle is part of our exclusive collection made in collaboration with Momofuku.

  • Bundle of two East Fork Bitty Bowls paired with a 5.3 ounce jar of Momofuku’s Chili Crunch in ‘Orchard’ 
  • With a flash of heat and a whiff of smoke, this hot oil is the product you reorder the moment you taste it.
  • Chili crunch ingredients: grapeseed oil, puya chilis, coconut sugar, onions, garlic, sesame seeds, japones chilis, chilis de arbol, mushroom powder, salt, shallots, spices, yeast extract, seaweed
  • Bitty Bowls hold ¼ of a cup and measure 3” x 1.4”
  • Designed in collaboration with Momofuku

Orchard and Peachy Keen are ready to ship and will arrive before December 25th. Pre-order pottery is made to order and ships within 8 weeks.


Size Chart

Calling all hot sauce junkies who are also texture fiends. This oil is sweet heat, rich in umami and delightfully complicated by a trio of Mexican chilis: fruity pulla, smoky chili de arbol and japones that linger. Dried garlic and shallots bring the crunch you’ve been missing. It adds a nice crunchy texture on top of a bowl of congee-style rice porridge. It’s also the perfect spicy-salty-sweet accompaniment to roasted meats and vegetables—a dollop goes a long way.

Pour a little into a Bitty Bowl and place it on your table before everyone sits down. See all the places it goes.