• Agostino Recca’s Colatura or anchovy juice is a Mediterranean seasoning that adds a depth and salinity to every dish
  • Made in Italy
  • Ingredients: anchovies, salt, brine
  • 100 ml bottle

A couple of years ago, Bill Tonelli, who writes about Italian-American culture, said anchovy juice might change your life. He warned that it’s addictive, too. In 2011, Lidia Bashtianich called it her “magic ingredient” for the summer. And a few years before that, Erica De Mane called colatura an “elegant, stinky syrup,” She also called it “suave.” It may be a cult product in some places today but colatura dates back to ancient Rome. Do you know this stuff? If not, why?

When your bottle arrives, you might pour some in a saucer and mop it up with a hunk of bread. See? Then, drizzle some into the melted butter you put on a grilled steak. Grilled salmon, same treatment? Things just got interesting. Stir a few tablespoons into your aglio e olio before you toss the spaghetti. What just happened? Put it on salads, Vegetables. Anywhere you would want anchovies, a flash of salt, a little something more complex.