Finishing Touches Set


  • Bundle including Soy Sauce Cruet, Mitsuboshi Soy Sauce and Momofuku Sesame Oil
  • Glass cruet made by Hiroto Glass, Tokyo’s oldest glassmaker, holds about 5 oz. Hand-wash recommended.
  • 200 ml bottle of Mitsuboshi Soy Sauce
  • 8 oz bottle of cold pressed Sesame Oil

Established in 1899, Hirota Glass functions as a collaborative of artists working in traditional Japanese handcrafted glass styles. This cruet for soy sauce, oils or vinegars was designed by artist and company director Tatsuaki Hirota, using the Aburidashi Technique: the shaping of glass in a patterned mold to create opalescent-colored designs on the glass surface.

Momofuku Sesame Oil brings the brightness with just a drizzle on everything from rice and noodles to stir-frys. Another fine idea: use it in salad dressings and sauces. Well-balanced with a hint of nutty flavor. Mitsuboshi Soy Sauce from Horikawaya Nomura, a 300-year-old sauce company, is unlike any you’ve ever tasted with its hint of wood smoke from being made over a fire.