Desk Pad

Desk Pad

Desk Pad





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  • Made in 50-year-old Paris workshop by Exacompta
  • Comes in 2 sizes - with either graphed or blank paper

These refillable desk pads from Exacompta are our new end-all be-all keepers for to-do's, grocery lists, and doodle masterpieces inspired by the music your insurance company plays while you're on hold.  With sweet metal hardware and rubber feet, they're made to stay put and serve you well into your scribbling future.

  • Small:
    • 4" x 6"
    • 200 blank pages
    • 60 GSM paper weight
  • Large:
    • 5" x 8"
    • 200 gridded pages
    • 60 GSM paper weight

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