Flageolet Beans


  • Fla-gee-oh-yay!
  • 1 lb of dry Flageolet beans, grown in the USA by bean gods, Rancho Gordo
  • A mild, dense, creamy bean great in stews and soups, or all alone with butter, garlic, salt and herbs

A great substitute for kidney and navy beans, these little buddies stay whole even with extended cooking. Try cooking in chicken stock, bay leaves, a head of garlic chopped in half horizontally, and a lemon peel, straining, then mixing in butter and salt to serve. Also lovely with fresh or canned tomatoes.

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A classic french bean stew recipe!

Flageolet Cassoulet

New to beans? No worries. Here's a simplified French classic that's both approachable and full of flavor. 


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