Gin Mayo


  • This is mayonnaise infused with gin and spice, in an extremely cute tube. Simple as that!
  • Use it on burgers, french fries, shrimp cocktails—it’s a little like a dressing you’d put on a Crab Louie
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Made in The Netherlands
  • 170 ml 

We love mayonnaise and we love cute packages, and we just couldn’t resist this. Thought up by the folks at Mossel en Gin—a landmark restaurant in Amsterdam—this condiment goes great on sandwiches, seafood, french fries and more. It’s a little tangy, a little sweet, and just makes everything taste a bit more extra. 

Our Pantry Must-Have

A fresh salad with gin mayo.

A Week of Gin Mayo Lunches

Ahh, Mayo. It’s tangy, sweet, and always provides the right amount of luxurious richness to whatever ingredients are graced with its presence.


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