Handblown Butter Keeper


  • Design on lid will vary uniquely on each butter keeper
  • Made in Asheville, NC by glass artist Hayden Wilson
  • Hand-wash only

Using a butter bell for the first time might seem daunting. Please let us assure you that it’s not. Just put a little water in the base, squish your butter sticks in the bowl of the lid, put two and two together, and voila—perfectly spreadable butter that won’t go rancid. Just change the water out every week or so. This butter dish is made in Asheville by our favorite glassblower Hayden Wilson.

Meet Who Makes It

Glassblowing by Hayden Wilson

Hayden Wilson

"As the bits of residual glass cool, they shatter off the blowpipes and thus the pipes are ready for the next round of production. Hayden warned us not to look down into the water because “there’s glass shattering and flying around down there,” and all throughout our visit there were ambient sounds of just that. Glass blowing is wild."


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