Hot Chocolate Bundle


  • Such a lovely mid-winter gift
  • Includes 2 East Fork Mugs in Pinto, an artisan-made Molinillo whisk from Mexico and four Oaxacan-inspired stone-ground chocolate discs
  • Mugs hold 10 oz comfortably, and 12 oz to the brim; 4.25" x 3.1", 14 oz; dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Chocolate discs: one of each flavor: Guajillo Chili, Cacao Puro, Cinnamon, and Vanilla
  • Molinillo: made of alderwood, 9”-10” long (slight variance due to handmade nature), hand wash only

The molinillo is a hand-crafted tool that’s been used for centuries in Mexico and Central America to churn, mix and foam beverages like hot chocolate, atole and champurrado into a proper froth. Sidenote: it also is great for muddling fruits and herbs for cocktails.

Let’s make some hot chocolate: Simmer a cup of the milk of your choice, or even use plain old water: the chocolate has so much flavor, it will still taste rich and delicious. When it just reaches a simmer, add a finely chopped or grated chocolate disc. Give it a good stir. When the chocolate has dissolved and you like the temperature, place the molinillo in the saucepan or in the Mug filled about ¾ of the way with hot chocolate. Roll the shaft of the molinillo between your palms until the froth utterly delights you.

A word about the Mugs: The glaze is Pinto and we designed it with Samin Nosrat, whom you know from her acclaimed cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and the hit Netflix show of the same name. Pinto is lovely, ephemeral and beautiful. However, not part of our core collection of glazes, it will retire in April.

Chocolate discs’ ingredients: Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla bean, organic cinnamon, organic chili powder. Contains traces of almonds, hazelnuts and coconut. May contain traces of other tree nuts and sesame seeds.