Hot Chocolate Molinillo

$15.00 $18.00

  • Mexican wooden whisk used to mix and add froth to hot chocolate
  • To use: roll the shaft between your palms to churn, mix, and foam the chocolate
  • Also works great for muddling fruits and herbs for cocktails
  • Hand wash only
  • Made in Mexico


  • 9”-10” long
  • slight variance due to handmade nature

To create these molinillos, a single piece of alder wood is turned on a lathe and carved by hand by artisans, some of whom have spent nearly 50 years at their craft.

Molinillos have been frothing hot chocolate, atole and champurrado in Mexico for a long, long time. A beautiful, hand-crafted tool that dates back centuries, a simple motion to use it, a frothy hot beverage. A gift with history behind it, for a loved one who loves hot chocolate or for you.