Italian Cheese Candles



  • Astound the cheese lover in your life. 
  • Made of highest-quality paraffin with a cotton wick to minimize smoke and dripping, if you can bring yourself to strike a match.
  • Does not smell how it looks (and that’s a selling point, right?)
  • Sized like real-life cheese. Careful!
  • Because the candles are made by hand in small batches, candles may vary slightly from what you see in photos


  • Gouda (Red or Black Rind): 4 x 3”
  • Gruyere: 5.25 x 4”

So many candles in so many jars, smelling like palo santo or copal or lavender, until the cheese stops you in your tracks. This cheese. Great on a plate. Splendid on a shelf. Collectors of sci-fi figurines buy two: one to keep and one to play with. Could that advice stand here, too? Display it, burn it, display it while burning it. It’s mesmerizing when lit and maybe unlit, too?

Handmade by Cereria Introna, the same Italian sixth-generation family business that brings you our fruit candles. Add some dairy to your collection, start a new one. We’ve got meat, too.