JIA Steamer Set


  • Astound yourself with how often you use it.
  • XL ceramic steamer set by JIA Inc. 
  • Heat-resistant, high quality ceramic with cedar steamer basket
  • Can be used on open flame gas stoves as well as conventional ovens.
  • 11 x 13 x 9.5 in 
  • Hand wash only
  • Note: Start on low-medium heat to avoid damage or discoloration to the bottom of the pot.

From the stovetop or oven straight to the table, this steamer set will make you wonder what you were doing all those years with the metal basket inserts and the bamboo stack you kept replacing. More good news: this set is substantial in size, so if you’ve been steaming various ingredients in stages in a small steamer, you’re going to love how everything is hot and ready at the same time.

If steaming isn’t yet part of your kitchen repertoire, here’s how it’s done: Add water to the bottom part. Your vegetables, tofu, dumplings, tamales or maybe steamed sesame cakes (recipe here) go in the middle. Add a heat source and honestly, less time than you are probably anticipating. Moist, flavorful, delicious, done!