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  • Lightweight silky bamboo rayon
  • Hand-printed, dyed and sewn lovingly in Bali by Suku Home
  • Twin with your progeny in the Adult Version or Robe!
  • Top is wide-hemmed, with long sleeves and a mandarin collar
  • Bottoms are 3/4 culottes legs with elasticated waist
  • Available in 2T and 4T (Connie's slightly larger than average-sized 3-year-old wears the 4T with lots of room to grow)

AKA PJs, Jammies, Jam-Jam, Jama-lama-ding-dongs

Connie, Lucia and Vita in Tango Pajamas

Disclaimer: Matching with your babies won't keep them out of therapy and isn't a substitute for one-on-one, phone-free connection, but OMG IT'S REALLY CUTE


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