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  • Ultra sexy and wearable scents for those with a strong spirit
  • 50 mL alcohol fragrance
  • Unisex
  • Glass bottle with hammered gold cap
  • Made in Los Angeles

Cowboy- Heady, intellectual and grassy, with notes of coffee, earth and honeysuckle. A staff favorite, Cowboy is unique and intriguing and definitely for the bold and free. Think road trips, naivety and rolling around in the grass. A scent that feels like West Texas and the night sky.

I Like You In Velvet- 
A sweet and decadent scent with light vegetal notes to brighten it up. Really femme and super dreamy with iris, suede, musk and carrots. There is something classically Woman about this fragrance that makes you feel nostalgic, like the smell of your grandmas lipstick satchel.

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