Mushi Nabe




  • Timeless, multi-functional clay pot to feed family and friends, forever
  • Can only be used over gas/propane flame or oven.
  • Don't have a gas stove? We recommend purchasing an Iwatani butane burner and using your Donabe right on your dining room table. It's more fun that way anyway. 
  • Includes tongs for removing the steam grate.
  • 67 oz. Capacity

Not exaggerating: these clay pots from Japan have changed our lives for the better. Made to be used directly on an open flame, in the oven, or even on a barbecue, this handmade clay cookware is a portal to a fresh, easy and flavorful style of cooking that's made for gathering people around the table. 

The Mushi-Nabe is your steamer style nabe—use it to steam whole fish or scallops in a sake and dashi broth, a huge plate of fresh vegetables, green tea cakes, chawan-mushi (savory egg custards!), and so much more. Take out the steam grate to use your pot for hot pots, shabu-shabu, soups, and stews. Flip the lid over to use it as a serving dish for vegetables! 

All the Donabe we carry come from the Nagatani-En Pottery in the Iga region of Japan, an 8th generation workshop where the porous clay made up of ancient volcanic ash makes for beautiful pots that conduct heat slowly and evenly. 

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A 5-Piece Feast

A salty, rich, creamy, umami and vegetal Japanese meal for two, using our 5-piece dinner set and Mushi Nabe Donabe. Plus, store bought mochi because— who has time?


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