My Pantry


  • This book’s for all of us who work 60 hours a week but still want to eat good food at home
  • Recipes and text by Alice Waters, illustrated by her daughter, Fanny Singer
  • A kitchen essential—for everyone who’s ever wanted to have the skill of just throwing something together, this book’s for you
  • Published by Penguin Random House, 144 pages

Few things impress me more in the kitchen than a host who can throw together a lunch for six unannounced guests with whatever’s hanging out in the back of the fridge, mixed through with a jar of this or that pulled out from the back of a cupboard. Tinned octopus, herbed olives, pickled shallots, a red pepper jelly, saucisson sec, a good piece of cheese—in this super intimate, conversational book, what Alice Waters really has to offer in this book is a way of being in the kitchen. With a well-stocked pantry, there’s always something delicious and quick for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Taste For Yourself

Superfood granola recipe from My Pantry by Alice Waters.

Superfood Granola

What better way to make use of lingering pantry stables than to make granola! It's nutty, sweet, versatile, and super forgiving. 


Make It.