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  • Is there anything more life-giving than cooking a warm, delicious meal with your loved ones? Gather together and celebrate the good stuff— stories, laughs, and heart-warming food. 
  • This lovingly curated gift box comes pre-assembled, beautifully wrapped, and contains the following:
  • 1 Small Hakeme Donabe
  • 2 Wooden Soup Spoons
  • 2 Bowls in Eggshell by East Fork
  • 1 Bag of Excellent Dashi
  • Donabe Cookbook

“Nabe O Kakomu” (鍋を囲む) means “sitting around the pot”, but in Japan the phrase conjures up a scene of friends and family gathering around the table to eat, drink, and be in communion. This Hakeme Donabe is a clay cooking vessel from Nagatani-en— an 8th generation pottery workshop in the Mie prefecture.  The pot is made of clay from the bottom of Lake Biwa— 4-million-year old deposits known for its powerful heat retention, durability, and porousness. We hope this vessel contributes and bears witness to a lifetime of late night conversations with friends who stick around long after the candles burn out and the soup’s all gone.

Donabe in Action


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