Oversized Scrunchie

$10.00 $24.00

  • Statement organza scrunchie in a limited run of Lapis 
  • Made by hand for East Fork in Marietta, GA by Vanessa John of Clio Vintage

The scrunchie has been through a lot over the years. Once the purview of 80s aerobics classes and 90s teens, the scrunchie was dubbed unfashionable in the early 2000s (who else remembers that Sex and the City episode?), only to make a recent resurgence.

All the while, scrunchies were humbly holding our hair back (with more tenderness than those tiny elastic hair bands) and waiting for us to recognize their styling potential. Wrap around your ponytail, weave into your chingon, or stack high on your arm: there’s no stopping the scrunchie.