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  • A gorgeous 3 Piece Dinner Set perfect as individual pieces or stacked up for a formal table
  • Each Dinner Set contains 1 Breakfast Bowl (good for appetizer soups and desserts, too!), 1 Side Plate and 1 Dinner Plate
  • Please read carefully: this item does not contain pottery—or not yet at least! When you purchase this item, you or your giftee will receive a beautifully wrapped box with a letter-press card containing glaze color swatches and instruction for how to redeem their Dinner Set/s
  • When your giftee is ready, they'll get in touch with their color choices and we'll get to work on making their pottery fresh to order!
  • Orders will be fulfilled with a lead time of 4-6 weeks after colors are chosen beginning December 25
  • So the shipping doesn't end up on the shoulders of your giftee, the purchaser will pay for shipping the cost of finished goods
Ditch the gift card—our pre-order swatch box sets gives your giftee the gift of choice, but so much more thoughtfully than a gift card.

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