Asheville City Schools Foundation Raffle


  • Help us raise $20,000 for Asheville City Schools Foundation! 
  • One $5 raffle ticket to win a pot of your choosing wheel-thrown by Alex Matisse.
  • 100% of the proceeds go to ACSF

When we're all able to gather again, we're going to have to get our hands dirty reimagining and rebuilding a kinder society. But while many of us are stuck on our couches with enough to eat, the easiest, most impactful, most immediate way to help is by sharing wealth. Any amount at all. All of us. As often as we're able. East Fork can't cut a $100,000 check alone—profitability was a now-forgotten goal for 2020—but we can help habitualize the practice of sharing what we have with our neighbors in need.

And so, over the next several Thursdays we'll be hosting raffles with a goal of raising and redistributing $100,000 into our Buncombe County community. Buy a raffle ticket on this page. Each Wednesday at noon EST, we'll draw and announce 5 winners. Alex Matisse, East Fork's CEO and OP (original potter) will make a custom pot for each of the 5 winners, and then all funds raised will be donated to that week's non-profit or relief fund.

Our third raffle of this series is for Asheville City Schools Foundation. The Asheville City Schools Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for all children to discover their unique talents and dreams while fulfilling their potential. ACSF believes that strong public schools are an essential part of breaking the cycle of poverty and sustaining our democracy. They uphold the value of diverse community voices especially those of students and their families and believe that collaborative engagement is necessary to create a vibrant and equitable school system. They implement bold strategies, fund big ideas, and engage the community to increase excellence with equity for all children in our schools.

More About ACSF...

ACSF Scholarship Winners

Engage and Inspire Students

  • ACSF offers In Real Life, an after-school program for middle school students at all Asheville City Schools. They partner with ACS transportation, so In Real Life can be accessible to any family in need of their programming.
  • For graduating students, ACSF offers student scholarships to encourage and support further higher education. They have granted over $2.7 million to Asheville High and SILSA graduates since 2000. 

ACSF artist residency

Support Community in Schools

  • ACSF organizes their Parent Leadership Program, a way to create effective partnerships between parents, teachers, and students to close the achievement gap, build parent leadership, and improve our schools. 
  • Implementing local artist residencies to create high-quality craft and performance experiences across all curriculum.
  • Community engagement events and learning opportunities

Teacher grant for iPads in the classroom.

Implement Bold Strategies and Fund Big Ideas

  • Most recently, ACSF has established their Emergency Assistance Fund as a  way to support ACS social workers providing aid to struggling families during the pandemic.
  • Each year, ACSF awards grants to both teachers and schools in Asheville City Schools, including grants for The Writing Center at Asheville High, to an ACS educator working to address targeted equity gaps, and to an ACS educator aimed to increase access to opportunities by reducing barriers, increasing understanding, and/or expanding resources.Learn more about ACSF grants here