Raffle Prize #2 for Different Wrld


  • Help us raise money for Different Wrld!
  • One $5 raffle ticket to win four 3-piece dinner sets in a never before seen, matte-black glaze we’re calling Spyder. Nope, we are not releasing this glaze—it’s currently exclusively for this raffle. 
  • One winner will be chosen on Wednesday, November 25th at 12pm eastern.
  • 100% of the proceeds go to Different Wrld

This month, help us raise money for two incredible projects happening at 701 Haywood Road in West Asheville, North Carolina. Different Wrld Headquarters is a hyper-inclusive hub devoted to inspiring, equipping and connecting burgeoning artists of all media. Neng Jr’s is a Filipinx restaurant, a project of memory, love, mutual aid and extraordinary food that could be the gateway for people who come for the food but stay to learn, be inspired, and maybe even join the community taking shape there.

About Different Wrld: At Different Wrld Headquarters, creatives who don’t have the financial means to purchase their own equipment can borrow equipment like computers, cameras, and video gear, so they can do things like record and produce podcasts, get into photo or video work, try out digital illustration, create beats and record music. Different Wrld Headquarters will connect artists that want to collaborate with and learn from each other. They will be community classes and panel-led events, too. 

The vision extends beyond the walls of the building. “Our dream is to provide the tools that break down barriers for people to be able to explore their creative work. In helping break down our barrier, we pledge to continue to break down barriers in our community,” said co-director Roxanne Snider.

To that end, Different Wrld Headquarters will be a safe space for expression and for community gathering and discussion. “We started creating spaces because we need space. There are opportunities for creatives, but many of them are only for some and not for all. We believe everyone should be able to create and have access to the resources that they need,” said Different Wrld founder and co-director Honey Simone.

Honey continued, “Different Wrld is a space where you can ask for what you need and get what you didn’t know you needed. We’re here to help you set your intentions and get your shit done. We want you to feel safe, we want you to feel heard, we want you to feel empowered and equipped to take on any project you can dream up. This is for us, by us. We believe in doing nothing without intention. We believe that if you cross, you should help somebody else cross. If you are free, you have to set someone else free.”

Different Wrld will host immersive art installations and music experiences. There will be a retail store, coffee shop and bar, all of which will help sustain the venture financially. 

As for how the money raised in this auction will be used, co-director Garnet Fisher said, “Your commitment creates access for underserved folx in our community to try out and learn how to use new tools and technology. It gives them space to explore and grow their creativity. Our intention is to hold space for people to connect with each other and the Asheville community. We all know what it feels like to be underserved and unwelcome. We know Asheville has more to offer our art community and creatives of all types.”