Raffle for Pisgah Legal


  • One $5 raffle ticket to win a pot of your choosing wheel-thrown by Alex Matisse.
  • 5 winners will be chosen on Wednesday, April 29th
  • 100% of the proceeds go to Pisgah Legal Services 

When we're all able to gather again, we're going to have to get our hands dirty reimagining and rebuilding a kinder society. But while many of us are stuck on our couches with enough to eat, the easiest, most impactful, most immediate way to help is by sharing wealth. Any amount at all. All of us. As often as we're able. East Fork can't cut a $100,000 check alone—profitability was a now-forgotten goal for 2020—but we can help habitualize the practice of sharing what we have with our neighbors in need.

And so, over the next several Thursdays we'll be hosting raffles with a goal of raising and redistributing $100,000 into our Buncombe County community. Buy a raffle ticket on this page. Each Wednesday at noon EST, we'll draw and announce 5 winners. Alex Matisse, East Fork's CEO and OP (original potter) will make a custom pot for each of the 5 winners, and then all funds raised will be donated to that week's non-profit or relief fund.

Our second raffle of this series is for Pisgah Legal Services. Pisgah Legal Services is committed to justice for everyone—not just those who can afford it. Since 1978, Pisgah Legal has protected the rights of people living in poverty in Western North Carolina. They provide free, civil legal aid to meet the urgent needs of more than 18,000 people in our mountain region each year, including ending domestic violence, preventing homelessness, helping immigrants secure their status, and helping local people access health care.

More About Pisgah Legal Services…

Pisgah Legal Attorney Jenna Walley wears a mask to attend court while representing a client in a domestic violence matter on April 16, 2020

Fighting for Those with Nowhere Else to Turn

Pisgah Legal is providing much-needed information and representation for those facing evictions, unemployment, domestic violence, loss of health care, and much more. With so many rules and government programs changing right now, expert assistance for people in unfamiliar situations is crucial. They’re working to bring attention to the fact that independent contractors, artists, and other folks can apply for unemployment in NC starting April 25.

Volunteer attorney and client

Harnessing the Power of Caring Volunteers

Pisgah Legal coordinates the services of more than 300 pro-bono attorneys in WNC. Last year, our volunteers generously donated more than 14,000 hours of their time and talent to assist Pisgah Legal clients.

Attorney Julia Horrocks with group

Advocating for Policies that Benefit Us All

Pisgah Legal Services also advocates for policy change, collaborates with dozens of other nonprofits to solve community problems, and defends the interests of people with low or no income in state courts. 


For more information, contact Ally Wilson at 828-210-3444 or visit www.pisgahlegal.org