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  • Running a hot bath on a cold night with candles and fragrant goodies is one of the best therapies. They say it provides extra health benefits if you bring your laptop in and rewatch SATC in its entirety while you soak. 
  • This lovingly curated gift box comes pre-assembled, beautifully wrapped, and contains the following:

    • The Mug by East Fork
    • Palm Body Brush
    • Everyday Oil
    • East Fork Tender Earth Candle

A scalding hot bath: our favorite, low-budget, high-vibration form of self-care. The objects in this box are icing on the cake. A mug for chamomile, hot toddies or margaritas—bather’s choice, a palm brush for sloughing off dead skin before dipping in, a bottle of E.O. for post-bath moisturizing, and a nice candle for ambiance, of course.


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