Shino Bowl


  • Wheel-thrown shallow bowl made in the East Fork Small Batch Studio by Amanda Hollomon-Cook
  • This is a highly variable glaze. Expect to see coppers, bronze, black, gray, brown, orange and small flashes of red. Every piece is different.
  • Limited quantities available. Ships in 7-10 business days.
  • 8.5 x 2.5’’
  • This pot has some intentional heft and weighs 1.25 lb
  • Shaped like an Everyday Bowl but with a lower profile, like a coupe.
  • Hand washing preferred

Size Chart

This glaze is highly responsive to the space in which it is glazed, dried and fired. Soluble salts are carried to the surface as water evaporates from the glaze during the drying process. Glazed pots are stored in a space like a windy sauna before they are loaded for glaze firing. Subtleties in air flow encourage more salt here, less salt there, creating unique variation on the surface. In the firing, this variation is stamped into the piece—each pot has its own speckles, waves and shadows.

Amanda put the “small batch” in Small Batch Studio with this small run (only 280!) of bowls glazed in Shino, a family of glazes that are distinctive, and loved, for their glossy shiny and the variations in color from the happenstance of things like how long they were held in the glaze bucket and how warm the room where they sat, post-kiln.