A Raffle for Sistas Caring 4 Sistas


  • Help us raise money for SC4S!
  • One $5 raffle ticket to win a six 3-piece dinner sets in a custom glaze of your choosing
  • One winner will be chosen on Wednesday, May 27th at noon EDT.
  • 100% of the proceeds go to SistasCaring4Sistas

When we're all able to gather again, we're going to have to get our hands dirty reimagining and rebuilding a kinder society. But while many of us are stuck on our couches with enough to eat, the easiest, most impactful, most immediate way to help is by sharing wealth. Any amount at all. All of us. As often as we're able. East Fork can't cut a $100,000 check alone—profitability was a now-forgotten goal for 2020—but we can help habitualize the practice of sharing what we have with our neighbors in need.

And so, over the last several Thursdays we've been hosting raffles with a goal of raising and redistributing $100,000 into our Buncombe County community. Buy a raffle ticket on this page, and we'll draw one winner next week! The prize this week is six 3-piece dinner sets in a custom glaze of your choosing! All funds raised will be donated to that week's non-profit or relief fund.

Our final raffle of this series is for Sistas Caring 4 Sistas. SistasCaring4Sistas (SC4S) is a community-based doula organization that operates inside a safety-net Ob/gyn clinic, MAHEC Ob/Gyn Specialists in Buncombe County, North Carolina). Their vision is to eradicate disparities in maternal and infant mortality by providing education and doula services to families who face adverse maternal health outcomes before, during and after pregnancy. SC4S doulas are committed to building sustainable community capacity, lasting connections through unlimited support, open lines of communication, and wrap around resources. SC4S doula services provide emotional and physical support to families from preconception through parenthood, share evidence-based information, and build relationships with clients through open lines of communication. They are “after five” resource connection professionals who provide in-home support and meet families where they are to provide support when and where it is needed. SC4S is dedicated to growing sustainable communities and providing direct-entry access to professional training in the perinatal health field.

More About SC4S...

Parents with their newborn child.

Community-based doula services for women of color

Their community-based doulas provide evidence-based physical and emotional support to women during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. SC4S supports, connects, and advocates for women of color through doula care which is leading to positive birth experiences, decreased interventions during labor and decreased cesarean rates in the Buncombe County community.  SC4S aims to assist women of color in Western NC in creating a safe, supportive birthing experience in hopes of decreasing the inequities in infant and maternal outcomes for women who are most affected during childbirth. Traditionally, doulas are a luxury service. SC4S creates opportunities for people who might not be able to afford doula services by offsetting their fees with support from community grants. 

Woman receiving doula training.

Accessible professional training

Originally, SC4S doulas were trained through a grant that continues to provide them with full-time salaries. SC4S now partners with a local DONA-certified birth doula trainer who offers scholarships to community members who want to be trained as birth doulas. SC4S sends trained doulas through a mentoring program for those who are interested in pursuing a career with SC4S. This creates job opportunities in the perinatal field for women of color in our community. They also have opportunities through local partnerships to be trained as lactation educators, Lamaze educators, and peer support specialists. 

SistasCaring4Sistas team

Advocating for institutional change

SC4S was birthed out of a movement called Mothering Asheville. Mothering Asheville is a collaboration between clinical healthcare providers, community organizations, and community residents that are committed to eliminating inequities in infant mortality in Buncombe County. To drive and sustain this change, they have engaged community members and organizations and healthcare providers and administrators to advocate for institutional policies that address structural racism, implicit bias, access to care, and social determinants of health. In collaboration with community leaders, they promote increased access to preventive services in community-based settings and are working to create systemic change in the way that women of color in Asheville access and utilize care.