Little Pitcher


  • Wheel thrown pitcher made in the East Fork Small Batch Studio by Cade Hollomon Cook
  • Unglazed Mars exterior with seasonal glaze Harvest Moon interior
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
  • Hand-thrown from regional materials and glazed by hand
  • Slight variation in glaze application can be expected and embraced
  • Measures 4” x 2.34” and weighs 12 oz 
  • Holds 14 oz (or 1.75 cups)

Size Chart

A sweet, wheel-thrown friend for your Mug. We love dainty little vessels like this one. When your life feels like a cyclone, there’s something very reassuring about pouring cream into your coffee or syrup onto your pancakes or adding just-whisked dressing to your salad from a beautiful little pot.