Southern Ground


  • A sourcebook of Southern craft bakeries, the people behind them, and their recipes for bread, crackers, desserts and much more, made with stone-milled flour
  • By Jennifer Lapidus, baker’s baker 
  • 288 pages, hardcover

“The inspired and delicious recipes in Jennifer Lapidus’s Southern Ground make the case that fresh flour—which is to say freshly milled flour—is the foundation of Southern cuisine. Which makes this more than a cookbook—it’s a blueprint for the future of American baking, powered by a dedicated community of millers, farmers, and bakers.”—Dan Barber, executive chef and co-owner of Blue Hill at Stone Barns

About the Author: Jennifer Lapidus is the founder and principal of Carolina Ground flour mill here in Asheville. Prior to that, in a wood-fired brick oven, she baked with flour she milled in-house at Natural Bridge Bakery, which she opened in 1994. Her bakery was the first of its kind in Western North Carolina.