It’s Always Tea Time


  • Just your cup of tea!
  • Included here: The East Fork Mug in our glorious seasonal glaze Harvest Moon, an eight ounce tin of Hu-Kwa loose black tea that’s distinctive for its mellow, smoky flavor and comes from the venerable Mark T. Wendell Tea Company, and a Finum brewing basket with micro-fine stainless steel permanent filter.
  • Here’s to better brewing.

Your Mug—in this case, one in beautiful Harvest Moon—becomes the steeping vessel thanks to this ingenious brewing basket. Put the brewing basket in your empty Mug. Add one rounded teaspoon of tea. Bring cold, filtered water to a rolling boil (205-212° F) then carefully fill the Mug. Close the lid and steep for five minutes or so. Stir, and let the tea settle for another thirty seconds before removing the basket.

The people at Mark T. Wendell Tea Company say that this tea’s delicate flavor calls for a light hand when it comes to adding sugar or cream. Or, skip those entirely and enjoy it, as they say, “drunk clear.”