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  • A Not-Quite-Right Mug by East Fork at 30% off
  • All seconds are FINAL SALE
  • A Mug can become a "second" for all sorts of reasons! Read more below!
  • Discount Codes and Free Shipping Codes cannot be applied to seconds

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

The Not-Quite-Right Mugs are second quality and are not representative of our high standards. We decided to make these pots available to you at a discounted rate because we didn't want to see them go to waste when so many people out there want to get their hands on an East Fork mug, and we know that our pots at full-price aren't in everyone's budget. To purchase a Practically Perfect in Every Way mug, click here.

A Mug can be deemed "Not-Quite-Right" for the following:

  • Visible attachment where the handle and vessel meet
  • Minor dings, scratches, scuffs on raw clay surface
  • Skewed handles
  • Flaws in the exterior curve or point of attachment
  • Larger iron flecks (we call these "beauty marks" and think they're great!)
  • Pin-holing, which looks like tiny air bubbles on the glaze's surface

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