The Olive Oil


  • Extra virgin olive oil from our friends at Pineapple Collaborative 
  • Notice that the tin matches your Taro pottery?
  • Made from olives grown in California
  • USDA Organic and COOC certified extra virgin
  • 500 ml 
  • Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight
  • Use within one year of opening

A new container of quality olive oil can really get us going, thinking of the tiny splash to finish dishes with a zing, the vinaigrettes we’ll mix all summer, baking an olive oil cake or two. But this olive oil is dedicated to those who can’t get enough of Taro, our beloved lavender-hued glaze that’s back for the season. More smiles in the kitchen, courtesy of Pineapple Collaborative, which uses its buying power to support exceptional women farmers, creatives, producers, leaders and chefs.

This oil is made from organically-grown Arbequina olives from the Ricchiuti family at ENZO Olive Oil Company in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley.